"You've given them... hope," said Tristan"They believe in you, Keane. I believe in you."

"I'm no hero, Greenster," said Keane. "I don’t even remember who or what I am. I remember nothing!" His eyes averted groundwards. His voice dwindled to a whisper. "I am nothing..."

The Terralyte Order is rising...

Thuulmahr's Prophecy tells of the one and only Majjikon who can stop the invasion...

For eons, the Farghamae (the Dragons) have been dead, the Days of Inequity over, and the Terralytes absent.

But now, led by the heir of the last Fargham Zohai (the Dragon Rider), the Terralyte Order is on the rise once again. The Council of Majjikons must rally the PeaceKeeping troops of the High Realm, as well as scramble other, more covert forces, lest it allow the Terralytes to take over all of Earth.

Keane, meanwhile, is too busy dreaming of an inexplicable dragon, an impossible forest, and a wild-eyed man spouting cryptic advise, all the while attempting to understand why his hands glow green with newfound powers, and why he's falling so badly for the new girl in school.

Little does he know how big a part he is to play in the looming fight between the Terralyte Order and the Majjikons of the High Realm...


Book 1: Always Stand Up is the first instalment of the Book of Dark Saga and is OUT NOW at all major online bookstores and is available to download for FREE!

Other Titles in Volume 1

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes is made up of twelve parts, namely:

Book 1: Always Stand Up

Book 2: The Heir of Hozar

Book 3: Prom Night Premonitions

Book 4: The Days of Inequity

Book 5: They Came Without Warning

Book 6: The Sword of Thuulmahr

Book 7: The Knights of Zolshedak

Book 8: Nivorea

Book 9: How Keane Died

Book 10: Return to the High Realm

Book 11: To Muurteth Dinhalvo!

Book 12: Kenid Akhnayram