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By Deepak Khanchandani

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes
Book 1: Always Stand Up

Keane is a perfectly ordinary fourteen-year-old orphan, normal in every respect...

Except for his abnormal, glowing hands, his unexplained dreams frequented by a scary, black dragon, the bullies at his school that just won't leave him alone, and a crippling crush on the new girl.

Lucky, then, that he remains entirely unaware of his innate connection to the fearful race of supernatural beings called the Terralytes who rise against the Council of Majjikons and the mighty PeaceKeepers of the High Realm to claim all of Earth in the name of their Order.


The Book of Dark Saga is a two-faced beast.

Its epic fantasy aspect was strongly influenced by the fantastic music of Two Steps From Hell, Epic Score, Audiomachine, Zack Hemsey and Thomas Bergersen, amongst others.

Meanwhile, expressions of teen angst, school life, and love and loss were influenced by the sounds of artists such as London Grammar, Adam Young (Owl City), Snow Patrol and Coldplay.

Below are the tracks for the first book, each followed by a short snippet to help pinpoint its location in the story:

Epic Score - I Have a Story
Preface: On Majjikons - This is not a story about Book of Dark... This is the story of a Majjikon who lost his memory... This is the story of a boy named Keane.

Audiomachine - The Last Immortal
Preface: How the Mighty Fall - Charcoal skies and the aerial battle... Fall of the Dragon and her Rider... Fall of the Fargham Zohai.

Two Steps From Hell - Nero
Chapter 2 - Within the Enchanted Forest of Diivenkhuud... "All you see before you... All of this and more... This is our land."

London Grammar - Interlude
Chapter 5 - In that unpassing moment, there was no Mr. Smith. There was no bleeding nose. No Brok. And no dread. There was just… the new girl.

Two Steps From Hell - Starfall
Chapter 11 - "You gonna fight like a man this time, Freak Show? Or run like a coward again?”

Book 1: Always Stand Up is the first installment of the Book of Dark Saga.

The thirty-six book saga is divided into three volumes of twelve books each.

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes

Volume 2: Legend of the LoneWalker (Coming Soon)

Volume 3: Under Solarian Watch (Coming Soon)

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