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By Deepak Khanchandani

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes
Book 2: The Heir of Hozar

The assumed heir of Hozar, His Eminence, has ascended to become the Master of the Terralyte Order. He seeks to take over all of Gaia—or Earth in the Common Tongue—and to rid Her of the human race that harms and infects Her like a disease. When a trusted ally demands that he find Book of Dark, His Eminence deploys a team of bounty hunters to do just that. 

Meanwhile, Keane, who still believes that he's just an ordinary 14 year old, is too busy falling in love with the new girl and inadvertently alienating his best friend to fully understand what role he is to play in either the search for Book of Dark or the imminent fight for Gaia...


The first song below simply dominated my auditory senses when I wrote the second book, especially when delving into the romance between Keane and Zara. This track inspired the whole "Undulating Tapestry" and the stop-start nature of their relationship.

London Grammar - Hey Now
Chapter 11 - Through her still-closed eyes, she could see the waves of incandescent energies pulsating overhead, knitting through each other in patterns of complexity that ebbed and flowed. Before long, an undulating tapestry of light and colour had covered the heavens...

Epic Score - Rightful Heir
Chapter 3 - His Eminence sent the blade astray with a blast of turquoise—Gaian energy made dark by Kaos majjik... just like his father’s before him...

Book 2: The Heir of Hozar is the second instalment of the Book of Dark Saga.

The thirty-six book saga is divided into three volumes of twelve books each.

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes

Volume 2: Legend of the LoneWalker (Coming Soon)

Volume 3: Under Solarian Watch (Coming Soon)

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