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By Deepak Khanchandani

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes
Book 3: Prom Night Premonitions

Terralytes have infiltrated John Atkin's High and Prom Night is nigh, which can mean only one thing...Tristan's plans centered around Book of Dark are about to bear fruit.

Meanwhile, Keane, who is still unaware that he is a fourteen year old Majjikon, battles the gloom that lingers on after his breakup with Zara. The school's Principal doesn't exactly help things when he bans Keane and his best friend, Brok, from going to prom. And to make matters worse, Randy and his Bullies are back to their usual antics. However, luck conspires to allow Keane and Brok to concoct a revenge plan.

Little do they know how badly tangled their plans for Randy and his cronies are about to get with Tristan's plans for the Terralytes...


As a climax to the first part of Volume I (a.k.a. Early Days at John Atkins High), this book was dominated by fight and chase sequences that demanded some seriously epic music. It wasn't all dramatic drum rolls and cymbal crashes, though, as Keane and Zara, whose relationship continued to deteriorate, had some softer, more vulnerable moments too.

Inuyasha’s Lullaby
Chapter 4 - He spotted her... the girl in the white dress... sat on one of the knee-high walls, concealed behind bushes, a sobbing, lace-and-satin clad mess... He never meant to say anything to hurt her, didn't she know?

Book 3: Prom Night Premonitions is the third instalment of the Book of Dark Saga.

The thirty-six book saga is divided into three volumes of twelve books each.

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes

Volume 2: Legend of the LoneWalker (Coming Soon)

Volume 3: Under Solarian Watch (Coming Soon)

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